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Scattering ashes from a model plane

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Scattering Ashes
June 15, 2011
Well this is one more for the list. Mike Whitelaw from Bedford in the USA is honouring his father’s dying wish by scattering the cremated remains from a model aeroplane.

Mike explained "He said to me that he’d love to go up in this plane and have his ashes spread all over Margaree which he thought was God’s country,"
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Dying Man Gets to Hug His Dog For the One Last Time

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Cedar Rapids IA
June 16, 2011
Dying Man's Final Wish to be Reunited With Dog

A community came together to grant a homeless man his last wish. That dying wish was to see his dog one more time. It was a simple request, but one that meant the world to him in his final days.
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Newark funeral director found guilty of stealing body parts faces victims' family in court

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The Star-Ledger (
Thursday, June 16, 2011
NEWARK - Her hands trembling and her eyes welling with tears, Robin Samoilow today faced down the former Newark funeral director who had allowed her father’s body to be desecrated and sold for parts on the medical transplant market.
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Former Newark mortician sentenced to 5 years for stealing body parts (June 01, 2009)
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Funeral Directors Forced to Prepare for Strike After SCI Management Says 'No' to Union Health Care

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June 15, 2011
CHICAGO: Teamsters Local 727-represented funeral directors/embalmers and livery drivers at four Alderwoods funeral homes [owned by Service Corporation International] are being forced to prepare to strike because the company refuses to give back the workers' union health and welfare benefits.
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Coffins you wouldn't be seen dead in

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Daily Mail Reporter (UK)
20 May 2011
As the Asia Funeral Expo kicked off in style in Hong Kong today, over a hundred traders showed the latest weird and wonderful burial products on offer.

Coffins lined with silk or sheepskin, or made out of paper; a dead loved one's DNA captured in a pendant; a headstone in the shape of a motorcycle - products such as these can all be found at the exhibition which attracts funeral professionals from around the world.
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