Funeral Consumers Alliance

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Advance Directives

Advance Directives ( 10 Files )

Various state forms for advance directives for health care and body disposition.
Affiliate Resources

Affiliate Resources ( 53 Files )

Funeral Consumers Alliance consists of affiliate groups representing regions throughout the country. These groups exist to serve their communities through education, advocacy, and by acting as a watchdog over the funeral and cemetery industries. 

This section offers practical information and guidance on forming and running a local affiliate group.

FCA Governance Documents

FCA Governance Documents ( 5 Files )

Bylaws, minutes, and similar documents.

FAQ Pamphlets

FAQ Pamphlets ( 25 Files )

Here you can download our pamphlets on funeral planning, cost-saving tips, and your consumer rights, in a printable format.
Legislative, Legal, and Lobbying Documents

Legislative, Legal, and Lobbying Documents ( 25 Files )

Bills and materials related to legislation affecting funeral consumers, pro-consumer lobbying by FCA and allied organizations, and documents pertaining to lawsuits. 

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