Hi Ruth, I see MemryStone as much mor

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Hi Ruth, I see MemryStone as much more than a piece of ceramic. I also see an organization which will provide support, direction and guidance to survivors as they work their way through the process of cremation. Right now that means that I will stand on call and offer my 20+ years of experience. But as we grow that will mean having trained resource personnel available to provide help nearly around the clock. It also means rapid turn around for orders and carefully managed quality control. As with funerals, we will only have one chance to get the MemryStone order right. A paint-your-own ceramics business only needs to understand ceramics. We on the other hand will also need to know funeral service, and know it well, in order to provide the high level of care the MemryStone logo is meant to imply. Peace, BT
This is a comment on "A genuinely new idea in cremation"

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