Funeral Consumers Alliance of NW Arkansas - Benefits

Funeral Consumers Alliance
of NW Arkansas

(Serving Washington and Benton Counties)




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New Members Receive When Joining FCA-NWA
  • 12 page Annual Newsletter and Information booklet containing:
    • Announcement of April annual meeting and speaker.
    • Letter with history, types & costs of memberships.
    • National FCA info
    • Surveyof 18 Washington & Benton Co. mortuaries' public prices
    • FCA-NWA discounts at our Fayetteville(2) & Rogers(2) mortuaries
    • Choices and costs when planning a funeral of any type in NWA
    • Proceedures for your next-of-kin upon your death.
    • Typical mortuary proceedures
    • Consent for your CREMATION by children, spouse, if couple, 2 copies
    • Authorizing a friend to sign for cremation if a child or spouse won't
    • Card for organ or body donation with organizations to contact
    • An application form for a friend
    • Extensive list of brochures members may buy
  • End-of-Life PLANNING KIT (easily carried wnen traveling) store in freezer (Another kit costs $10. FCA, Box 3055, Fayetteville AR 72702)
    • A magnet for freezer saying "Matters of Life and Death Inside"
    • 16 page fill-in-the-blanks booklet for all final wishes.
    • State-specific Living Will, if couple, 2 copies
    • Durable Power of Attorney for HealthCare, if couple, 2 copies
    • Checklist for other documents (like military discharge papers)
    • Page of reminders for your survivors, description of contents
    • Pamphlet "Death Away from Home".
    • USA Directory to FCA chapters
  • Set of 8 FCA brochures:
    • Organ and Body Donation
    • Viewing and Visitation
    • Cremation Explained
    • What to do with Ashes
    • To Prepay or Not
    • Memorial Service Plans
    • Reading GENERAL PRICE LISTS intelligently
    • Blue Application
  • Items You May Also Need
    • Durable Power of Attorney, if couple, 2 copies
    • Fairview Cemetery 2005 Price Survey
    • Death Certificate Proof Copy, if couple, 2 copies
    • Map of our contracting mortuaries in Washington & Benton Co.
    • Form letter to contact Social Security, if couple, 2 copies
    • Membership cards per person - 2
    • Benton County Funeral Home, Rogers picture postcard
    • Federal and state laws about immediate body arrangements
  • Donation request envelope