Funeral Consumers Assoc. (FCA)
of Tampa Bay

The FCA is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. It promotes dignified and affordable funeral arrangements through pre-arrangement and reduced costs of burial, cremation, and other dispositions by offering the services of a licensed cooperating funeral and cremation service. It has over 750 members. Using this customer base, the FCA approaches Funeral Homes in the Tampa Bay area to find one who will provide dignified funeral arrangements at affordable prices. The rates are typically 60 to 70% of normal costs. Any type of funeral can be arranged. There is a very modest one-time donation [$30 per adult or $50 per family (parents & children under 18)] to join, which is used by the FCA for printing and postage. There are over 150 such Associations nationwide with reciprocating agreements should you move or die while traveling.

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