I strongly disagree with the above state

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I strongly disagree with the above statements made. I worked for SCI for many years since 1991 and have found them to be a very reputable company. They offer great benefits for their employees and decent pay as well. Like any company regardless of industry the bottom line is important. Otherwise the business will no longer be in business! However, being involved with SCI for so many years I have found that customer service is the top priority. We care about the families we serve. Our employees are taught compassion and true sincerity. That's what sets us apart from other companies. I have worked in all departments of the funeral industry including "at need" families who have had a death as well as "pre-need" families who are planning in advanced. I have found a huge difference between those who have planned ahead and those who have not. With that in mind we strongly encourage people to plan in advanced. Not only saving the stress & burden from their families but being able to have piece of mind knowing that their wishes are secure. I know that the more people I can help, the more success I and the company will have. That's a given, it's a business... However, you must help people first. The "Service" in Service Corporation International is there for a reason. And many employees like myself take pride in that. I will agree that SCI locations are typically more expensive than other companies, but SCI is able to offer so much more than those other lower cost companies as well. Sadly the phrase "you get what you pay for" is also the case with this industry. I compare it to shopping at Walmart vs Nordstom. You will get a similar item, but the quality of product line and associates are certainly a vast difference. I know when it's my time to pass, I would prefer being treated with dignity by employees who are well trained and treat my family with respect and compassion rather than a company who pays less for their employees who may or may not like their job.

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