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Thank you for the helpful information one week ago one of my best friends died at 45 years old.her poor mother found her dead in bed.after calling 911 the emts asked which funeral home to take the body she being in tears said Voglars in winston salem NC.two minutes later changed her mind to Hayworth miller in Rulal took over 20 minutes before a plain unmarked van pulled up.she asked they take body to hayworth millerbut they worked for voglars said they see if they could. the next day at hayworth miller making funeral plans we learned Voglars charging 495.00 for the transport of the body. hayworthmiller only charges 270.00 so the bottom line the family does not have all the money to pay right now but the service was beutiful. i called asked voglars to reduce there fee they wouldnt do it shop around if you can

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