I don't think an experienced civil litig

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I don't think an experienced civil litigation attorney will take this case hoping to win his 30% of the settlement; more likely he or she will charge a flat fee plus hours and expenses. I doubt the strategy of "going after" each member of the staff will get you far (sue the gardener? really...) I would urge Mrs. Fox to contact the Oregon State Mortuary and Cemetery Board to resolve these problems, state boards usually have an agent to investigate these type of complaints. I am not familiar with Oregon's death certificate registration process, but it may take as long as six months to receive amended death certificates. Most states require the death certificate be filed within a certain number of days after the date of death (usually between 7-10). The amended death certificate may still show the incorrect spelling in the original section, with the amended portion attached to the bottom of the certificate. Again, I would recommend instead of hiring an attorney that Mrs. Fox contact the Oregon Vital Records office. If a lawyer is to be consulted, be sure that first meeting is free.
This is a comment on "Hall of Shame: Klamath Tribute Center"

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