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TOPIC: Cremation Urns

Re:Cremation Urns 29 Dec 2010 07:01 #427

  • arcsound
  • arcsound's Avatar
Dumb question I suppose: do cremation urns get buried when there is a headstone? How does burial work, when the deceased is cremated, vice embalmed with coffin?
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Re:Cremation Urns 07 Jan 2011 04:32 #437

You can bury the ashes (with permission of the land owner), you can sprinkle them (same rules), you can keep them, or you can divvy them up and bury some and keep the rest. Most people buying an art urn are not intending to bury it (people appear less sensible with coffins...).

Ashes can be buried in a grave and marked with a headstone. Oddly, some cemeteries require vaults for urns. Usually cemeteries are willing to put many more cremated bodies in a grave than casketed ones. Our local will allow two full bodies or five cremated remains.
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Re: Cremation Urns 05 Jul 2011 14:03 #482

We had great luck with Everlasting Memories. They were very compassionate and we had to change our order at the last minute and they accommodated 100 percent. They also made many suggestions about alternate pieces that were within our budget and managed to knock 15 percent off the cost as a courtesy because we were buying multiple pieces. The urn and keepsakes are much prettier in person. We loved them and if we are ever in need again, it's the only place we'll go.
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