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TOPIC: Assistance in OH

Assistance in OH 12 Nov 2011 14:30 #614

  • xrayamanda
  • xrayamanda's Avatar
My uncle was recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. He and his wife do not have the means financially to afford the funeral arrangements. He wants to be creamated, but the family would like to have a service, nothing fancy, just nice. They have 3 children, one is autistic and will never leave the home. Taking out loans is out of the question due to all the financial burden they are currently carrying after the hospital stays, surgery, chemo and radiation he has undergone. Is their anything in the state of OH that will assist my family with this?
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Re: Assistance in OH 12 Nov 2011 15:01 #616

Suggest you contact any of the following FCA affiliates in Ohio:

Memorial Society of North Central Ohio
Akron, OH

Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH

Cleveland Memorial Society
Shaker Heights, OH

Funeral Consumers Alliance of Central Ohio
Columbus, OH

Funeral Consumers' Alliance of Northwest Ohio
Toledo, OH 43614

Contact info and web addresses can be found at:

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Re: Assistance in OH 12 Nov 2011 16:21 #617

  • mver
  • mver's Avatar
  • Web-ster and Volunteer
Do check out the nearest Ohio FCA affiliate.

It is matters of values and resources.

1. Nothing prevents a service; A funeral home need not be involved unless the service with the body present is wanted at a funeral home or probably at a church. Otherwise, the home, church or other public venue may suffice, depending on the matters above

2. In order of lowest to highest expense
#full body donation for recovery of tissues - national organizations provide this
#organ donation --- if the death is in a hospital and meets organ procurement requirements.
#full body donation to a medical or mortuary science school (probably must be arranged in advance of death.
cremation with minimum alternative container
cremation with minimum alternative container after embalming and public viewing
burial after embalming and public viewing
{casket costs are additional and not required for cremation}
embalming is usually not a state requirement, but a funeral home policy; negotiate for a private
viewing without embalming if that is needed to satisfy the survivors.

# no need for funeral home

funeral homes vary considerably in price and policies. Negotiate with two or more in advance of the expected death; put no money down until the details are spelled out by each candidate business.

Beware the gotchas: optional goods and services, including obituaries (which themselves can run to hundreds of dollars unless they are kept short. Prepare the obit yourself to control its length; Place it directly with the media if you wish (no need for a logo for the funeral business). A notebook from the local grocery, pharmacy, or book store may be less expensive than a Registry Book at the funeral home, etc. etc.

M. R., Volunteer, Funeral Consumers Alliance of the Triangle (NC)
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Re: Assistance in OH 12 Nov 2011 18:05 #618

Michael beat me to it! He gives very good advice. If we remember that meaningful ceremonies and remembrances have nothing to do with how much money we're able to spend at a funeral home, lots of possibilities open up. All of us know how to put on a gathering for someone we know and love who's still alive - anniversary celebrations, significant birthdays, college graduations, even weddings. There's nothing different about a funeral, and nothing about the fact that the person has died that suddenly requires paying a third-party professional money that we don't have in order to have something "nice."

Spend some time talking about what the family means *specifically* when you talk about a "nice service." I've been to conventional funerals with the body present and people in black, and I've been to homespun potluck gatherings where the deceased is remembered with laughter and tears in someone's home. You can guess which one I found nicer and more meaningful.

Best to you,

Josh Slocum
Funeral Consumers Alliance Executive Director
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Re: Assistance in OH 12 Nov 2011 19:05 #620

Check the website LifeLegacy.com Life Legacy is a non-profit group that picks up a body from the place where it is released (after death certificate is signed) and takes it to be used for medical research. Body parts are used for practice surgeries and other similar things. There is no cost to the family. This is a good way to avoid any cost for cremation or burial, but still feel that there is dignity in the disposition of the body.

Family is free to plan any type of memorial service or activity you prefer, in any type of setting. If you want clergy involved and you are not members of a congregation, you might have to pay for this. If you are members there should be no cost. But you don't need clergy for a great send-off, even a religious one, if that's what you want. And secular memorials are much more suitable for many families. Do what feels right for your family. Play music from CDs and so on. Be creative.
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