Greetings in Christ!! It seems that e

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Greetings in Christ!! It seems that everyone is over concerned for the dead in a very childish manner. What happens at death should not be the concern- because no matter what the body has/is placed in, it has to deteriorate (or decompose) to be cleansed of its stain of sins and then return to the dust from whence it was made of (Genesis 3:19). The world we know of as revealed by Christ is drawing to the Fearful Judgment, so death with decay become a necessary process in our salvation. If man was to live for eternity in his sinful inclination then can you imagine the misery?! Rather the blessed God has deigned for man a trial of life to prepare for the true life, at which death is the doorway. To correct a myth, that I've come across in these later posts; a person once passed over their soul or spirit is still a part of the fabric of time in this world. The spirit can move, can see and relate to its body as it see's it from a distance, involves in its funeral and memorial customs. At death, the spirit seeks prayer, good deeds and commemoration in the Liturgy. It is not too concerned over funeral orations and ridiculous seal coffins or even expensive show cases. Keep the coffin and the funeral simple as following Christ's most holy burial- it was simple. Invest your monies in the Monasteries, at the 40 day liturgies in the good to others everything to benefit the SOUL of the deceased this is your concern- not everything in between. The living should be concerned not of their death and how they will decompose- this is a fantasy not a reality!! But should concern over a holy life, a life served in Christ and prayer: "Lord, Jesus Christ have mercy" that's all. To be concerned only in your repentance and God's will. Leave fantasy and decomposition aside.
This is a comment on "Bones, Bugs, and Batesville"

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