Greetings in Christ!! I would like to

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Greetings in Christ!! I would like to post one more thing in relation to death and funeral customs. It is appalling that in our day and age- especially with the consent of the Pontiff in the schismatic Christian Empire actually allows cremation to take place on human corpses!! It seems quite apparent people these days have little regard to Christ's saving grace- in which a Christian at the point of his/hers Holy Baptism- their bodies are but the very temples of the Holy Spirit. Defiling the temple is not only a process of casual affair, drugs, other stimulants, poor diet, disease, etc but more so it comes at a horrible time even at death. Cremation is a pagan ritual of sacrificing the dead to Satan. It is no where enforced or even encouraged in the Gospel of Love and Truth. Christians in particular practise sacrilege in the burning of their dead. A Christian body at death may be above buried or under the ground not "burned" in an artificial chamber offering it to Satan as a sacrifice. Modernists may argue that its time for the Church to change!! Alas in the truth of the matter- the Church truly (Orthodoxy) never changes it is the Way, the Truth and the Life of the World and it is in constant motion this vehicle of truth. Only heresies and propaganda and evil, filth and destruction is a vector that moves in time. Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. The truth that the Orthodox Christian Church reveals, teaches and holds should be respected, followed and appreciated by ALL humanity. For this is the TRUTH revealed for the salvation of the human race and it begins at death for those whom have been baptized into Christ. Therefore we must respect the Body of Christ that each Orthodox Christian and heretical Christian thereafter is created in and give it PROPER and DUE attention at death. We are redeemed by Blood of the Savior and His Love we are not pagans but God's inheritance. Sin does not only capture man while man lives but even when man dies- through pagan rituals and practises especially cremation!!
This is a comment on "Bones, Bugs, and Batesville"

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