Carlson undercover - shenanigans in Indiana

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Final Rights
Reclaiming the American Way of Death
August 5, 2011

by Lisa Carlson

I traveled to Sullivan, Indiana this week to see if I could help a young man fight an outrageous funeral bill. His wife, a housekeeper at a local hotel, died suddenly in June ’09, with no insurance or benefits. She was the sole bread-winner, as he is disabled with a back injury. The funeral director was fully aware of the financial circumstances yet behaved illegally and unethically in order to crank up the bill. A brother-in-law contributed $500, and the family got $1,000 from the county. The funeral director refused time payments. In November ’09, the funeral director went to Small Claims Court for the balance of the $6,900 funeral bill.

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1 Sunday, 12 May 2013 22:07
My former father-in-law died on Thursday and it seems that no one can find any insurance policy he had and all the moneys are gone from his bank account, plus he signed over all his possessions including he truck and house to his caregiver. Now his 4 daughters are trying to figure out how to pay for a funeral which they have been told is at a minimum of $5,000. They have about $1,000 coming from some different sources, but here is a retired U.S. Air Force vet who does not get to be buried because his family are unable to come up with what breaks down to a quarter of his daughter's annual salary with-in a week or so. Does not seem quite right does it? I want to help her but I have no money and to be truthful my help really isn't wanted.

It is a sad sad world isn't it?

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