SOUTH DAKOTA: Option to trim funeral costs for indigents meets some resistance

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Sioux Falls SD
Jan 29, 2012

Proposal would let counties do more cremations

Minnehaha County officials hope to save money by using cremation more often as final disposition of needy residents who die without means to pay for a funeral and burial.

A newly proposed state law under consideration this week in Pierre would specify cremation as an option in handling remains of an indigent, but skeptics fear the change would let counties insist on cremation as the only option.

The discussion comes as counties scramble to cut budgets and as demand for social assistance rises in urban areas such as Sioux Falls. Counties, by law, must cover costs if someone dies without money and no family member is able or willing to step up to help. In Minnehaha County, funeral assistance doubled the past six years. The cost last year, about $200,000, was $60,000 over budget.

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