The Purpose and Value of Home Funerals

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18 October 2012

The difference between home and “traditional” funerals is subtle yet significant. When families choose to stay present to care for their loved ones in death they come to understand in a real and meaningful way that the physical relationship they had with the person who died is ending. While this can be a painful transition, it offers grieving people an opportunity for adaptation which is difficult to grasp when post death care is handled entirely by professionals. Participation is transformative. Those who stay involved seem to have an easier time locating the continuing bond they still share with the one who has died, and utilize those aspects of the relationship which survive death to move forward in their own lives....

Above all, home funerals bring dying and post death care back to the intimate setting of home. Families who choose to care for their own are usually those who accept that death is a normal and natural part of life that does not necessitate professional intervention. The intimacy of providing post death care for loved ones (as has been done throughout history) is a final act of love which can be surprisingly life affirming.

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1 Friday, 23 November 2012 09:05
Cassandra Yonder
Thank you for sharing this! Seeing my words on your site brings me a great sense of accomplishment!

Cassandra Yonder
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