Home vigil honors a mother's last wish

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Minnesota Public Radio
October 24, 2012

Like a growing number of baby boomers in Minnesota, Anne rejected traditional rituals like embalming and a mortuary service in favor of a more personalized experience: the home vigil.

Anne left detailed instructions for her family to follow after her death.

"They'll wash my body and prepare it," Anne told her daughter Georgia. "Then they'll pack all this dry ice around my body. And I want to stay at the house for three days. And during these three days, I never want to be alone."

Read the full article and see video (3:42) at Minnesota Public Radio

Thanks to The Good Funeral Guide Blog for alerting us to this article.


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1 Thursday, 29 November 2012 07:19
Cassandra Yonder
Every time I hear such a request it just sounds so natural, so simply, so obviously right. Thank you Anne for asking this of your family - bringing us all gently back to the death bed - thank you.

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