TEXAS : Green burials planned for state parks

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Austin TX
27 Nov 2012

Texas moving toward pilot project for the dead

Coffins and tombstones are not for everyone. Just ask the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department [TPWD]. It is now working toward a pilot project to bury the dead in state parks.

"I have never liked the idea of being pumped full of formaldehyde and stuffed in a plastic box,” said Ted Hollingsworth, director of land conservation at TPWD. “I never have, so I could see being a participant at some point."

Hollingsworth said the agency began a trial agreement with the Green Burial Council in 2009 to become the first state government in the nation to be involved in such a partnership. That agreement has since expired, but the two groups remain in talks for the future.

Read the full article and see video (2:15) at KXAN News

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1 Thursday, 30 January 2014 16:02
Jerry Sallas
I like this idea being planted beneath the dirt is not appealing to me, so I would like to learn more about this procedure and consider it for myself. I hope the State does something along these lines, back to nature the way it's suppose to be, thanks Jerry Sallas Del Valle, TX 78617

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