The Facts of Death (VIDEOS)

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Uploaded on Mar 30, 2011

What happens when you die? Not to your soul, but to your body. Everyone has been to a funeral, but how did the dear departed get there and where does she go? I produced, directed, and wrote this one-hour documentary that aired on PBS stations around 1993. The spine of the show is following a person through the process from the time she is picked up by the funeral directors, to embalming, to getting her prepared for the funeral, the funeral, and the burial. Along the way we hear from funeral directors, historians, and experts on death and dying from around the country.

See all videos on YouTube:

The Facts of Death - Part 1 of 6 (Duration 7:08)

The Facts of Death - Part 2 of 6 (Duration 9:32)

The Facts of Death - Part 3 of 6 (Duration 8:36)

The Facts of Death - Part 4 of 6 (Duration 10:28)

The Facts of Death - Part 5 of 6 (Duration 7:25)

The Facts of Death - Part 6 of 6 (Duration 10:51)

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