I'm chiming in here on cremated remains

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I'm chiming in here on cremated remains in the same burial space -- Cremated remains are considered "personal property". Unless there is a state statute prohibiting the cremated remains of pets (and I have found NONE) interred, any policy in this regard is solely at the discretion of the cemetery. The cemetery does have a legitimate claim in asking for a fee for a second right of human interment IF the State requires recording of the disposition of cremated remains 'in any licensed cemetery', as there are costs involved. Cemeteries also have a right to ask for fees if they're going to be expected to keep a future record of that interment, and if there's to be any physical memorial placed. Most cemeteries have very reasonable second-rights charges - especially municipal and rural ones. But pet ashes? !!!! They are a 'personal effect', like a lock of hair...

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