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We've long complained that cemeteries escape even the most basic regulation around the country. In Arizona the regulators appear not to know who they're supposed to be regulating at all. From an email exchange between Ruth Bennett, exec. director of the FCA of Southern Arizona, and the Arizona Real Estate Board (which state law says is supposed to regulate burial grounds):

Ruth Bennett: I am looking for a list of cemeteries in Southern Arizona. I understand that the AZ Dept. of Real Estate regulates cemeteries, so am hoping that you have a list you can send me. Please email me this list or tell me where I can find it online and I thank you in advance!

Real Estate Board: Thank you for contacting the Department of Real Estate. The Department does not regulate all cemeteries in the state; therefore, we are unable to provide you with a list of cemeteries in Southern Arizona.  You may wish to Google "Cemeteries in Pima County, Cemeteries in Cochise County, etc" to obtain a complete list of cemeteries in Southern Arizona.

Ruth Bennett: Are you able to provide me with a list of the cemeteries you do regulate?

Real Estate Board: Unfortunately, our database is not set up to pull a specific set of licensees; therefore, we are unable to provide you a list of the cemeteries that we currently regulate in Arizona.

..............blink. blink. ...................

Ruth Bennett: Wow, fascinating! So you have no way to print or email a list of the cemeteries you are responsible for regulating?  So just how does regulating cemeteries work in Arizona if you do not have a list of the cemeteries you regulate? Who is responsible for inspections and how does that person know what cemeteries to inspect?

Arizona Real Estate Board, back to you. 

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1 Tuesday, 27 August 2013 16:24
Miguel Legaspi
Contact ABC Channel 15 with this story, Joe Ducey out of Phoenix AZ. This is a good one.

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