Hall of Shame: Klamath Tribute Center

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beckafoxbeckafoxCheryl Fox's 20-year-old daughter, Becka Fox, took her own life in April of 2013. One can hardly imagine a more horrible event in a family's life. The disorganized lack of professionalism on the part of the funeral home to whom Cheryl entrusted Becka is salt in a very raw wound. As you'll see from the email exchange below, Cheryl's requests of the funeral home are reasonable and she's been far more patient than most parents in her position would be. We hope that by publicizing Cheryl's story that the people at Klamath Tribute Center will be motivated to remedy the situation. 

In chronological order, here are the emails between Cheryl Fox, Tim Lancaster (funeral director at Klamath Tribute Center), and Klamath Tribute Center owner Bob Gordon. They detail numerous errors on Becka's death certificate which caused the family delays in getting important affairs settled, charges for services the family didn't order, and the failed delivery of keepsake thumbprints from Becka's thumb that the family ordered. 

From Cheryl Fox, sent to Tim Lancaster June 25, 2013— 

Dear Tim,
I am utterly disgusted by the constant mistakes and lack of attention that was given by your staff during my family's difficult time.  Since my first interaction with Klamath Tribute Center and Eternal Hills, there have been constant mistakes made and things not done that were supposed to have been.  These mistakes and oversights have only added to the heartbreak we have suffered and postponed any healing that we may have begun to have. While you may find these things mundane or frivalous, I ask that you put yourself in my shoes.  I truly expected more from a funeral home who has been in the area for so long and that is the reason for my email - which I hope you get as I have sent numerous emails that apparently never make it to your office...and they never get a response.
After much discussion with friends and community members, I have found that we are not the only ones who have suffered at the hands of Eternal Hills and Tribute Center staff during our hard time.  It makes me wonder exactly why?  You are in the business of helping people put a loved one to rest...to begin a healing process that sometimes takes years...to provide a lasting tribute to the person they loved.  Yet mistakes are consistently made and the people who pay you good money for these services are expected to sit idly by and accept these situations.  I will not do that.  I believe it is time that someone there take responsibility for the mistakes that have been made and these things need to be brought to someone's attention.
Below are some of the issues we went through..and the order in which we went through them...Can you see why I have gotten increasingly upset?
  1. After meeting directly with you and your assistant, the obituary that was originally written was completely wrong.  It had to be re-written by myself and my sister - yet I was still charged for this.    

    Lancaster responds:
    The obit is written from the interview guide and then given to the family to correct.  It is then corrected once the family correct the mistakes in the communication process.  Once it it corrected or re-written it is then given to Herald and News who now charges per line for this item. ( It used to be no charge)   We take a check to Herald and News for the amount of the obit which is then listed on the agreement under cash advance.  So the charge is not for writing the obit but a charge by Herald nad News

  2. I sent numerous emails with the information we wanted in the funeral folder and services (I have copies and dates sent of those emails if you would like) but your staff claimed they only got partial information. My sister had to physically bring things to your office on multiple occasions, only to find out that your staff just "didn't read" the emails that were sent.  

    Lancaster responds- I am not sure why these did not go thru , I will check the back log to see if they are consistent in what they told you 

  3. The funeral folder states that "Graveside Services" were held... my daughter did not have a grave. 

    Lancaster responds
      - It still reads this way and is incorrect - I like you have no idea why we would call this a graveside service   -  REFUND $ 95 

  4. During the services, the CD that was playing cut off before the last song and started over.  This made her friends and father, who had contributed to the CD, think that I made the decision to not include those photos...which is not the case.  

    Lancaster responds-  I am not sure why it stopped, electorinic failure, I actually did test it and it played fine.  However it should still work during the service -  REFUND $ 95 

  5. The [live web-stream] of the services to the web did not happen...We had numerous Aunts, Uncles and cousins from South Dakota at a meeting place that day so that they could feel a part of that sad day..only to have them disappointed because the services were not uploaded.  

    Lancaster responds- Initially we said we did not need this service and actually discounted it off of the expense  so you were no charged for this item.  However if we are going to do this we should do it right and not have another service at the end. I have fixed that with the staff person respinsible for that.    REFUND $ 195

  6. The death certificate was incorrect..and still is. We tried twice to make sure her father's name was correctly spelled..but no one ever got it right. I finally gave up. ALSO, the date of death at the top of the certificate is "2012" not "2013".  These are things that can, and have, caused problems...yet I was charged.  

    Lancaster responds-This needs to be correct for the future and if it is not it needs to be corrected with an affidavite .    REFUND $ 20

  7. I called your office sometime around April 20th and was told that I could come pick up my daughter's remains. When I arrived I found out that the butterfly urn was ordered late and was not yet there. Rebecca's remains were offered to me in a plastic container...which I found very offensive. I opted to wait for the urn to bring my daughter home in.  

    Lancaster responds-The urn you selected was done on line  and when I found the distributor for it because the staff I asked to find out did not, which delayed the process.   The Urn I was told by the distributor that it could not be engraved , which I called.   The urn cost to us was what you paid for it.  When you came in I told you that we could get a plaque and you declined.

  8. When I was finally able to retrieve my daughter's remains (a month after her death), the urn was not engraved as you and I had discussed. I let this go because, quite frankly, I was afraid to put my daughter back in your hands and just wanted her home.  see above  

  9. THUMBIES - this was the final straw - I have made numerous phone calls to your office over the past month, only to be told that the Thumbies we ordered would be there soon. Today I called and was told by Jessica that the Thumbies were never ordered. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!  This was something I and my oldest daughter have been anxiously waiting for.  A momento of Rebecca to carry with us always.  Now we won't have that because someone on your staff failed!  

    Lancaster responds-This was initialy not used , although you said you wanted them.  You then said that we did not need to pay the minister because he was a relative and I said we would use that money for the thumbies.  I then placed it on the agreement under that section, I don't know if that  confused our staff but it did not get ordered and that it my fault   -  REFUND  $ 250
Please respond back and let me know if I have inaccuracies in this

While most of your staff have been compassionate to my situation, it does not make up for the numerous errors that have occurred.  I am not an unreasonable person and I can appreciate that people make mistakes, but this situation has been absolutely ridiculous.  Tim, imagine if this was your loved one?  Please consider this and then decide how you will respond.
I will expect to hear from you with regards to these issues and am requesting compensation for these things as well. You may call me at [redacted] or respond to this email.  I would very much appreciate a meeting with you and look forward to your earliest response.
Cheryl Fox

There were several other emails between Fox and Lancaster, mostly administrative in nature. Lancaster apologized for the errors, but the situation dragged on. 

Email from Chery Fox to Tim Lancaster June 26, 2013—
This is fine Tim.  The things that happened can't be changed.  This whole process has been extremely difficult and when I think about it I just sit and cry.  I feel like I've lost all the momentum I was gaining in my grieving, and now I'm starting over again.  It's time for me to move on and it's not about money at this point.  Money won't change what happened and it certainly won't bring back my daughter.  
Although we don't have the Thumbies, my oldest daughter would like to get her sister's fingerprints.  You had told us they would be held on file there? Please let me know what we need to do to get the refund, death certificate change, and fingerprints.
Thank you,
Lancaster responds- I will still get the thumbies for you but will refund the money that way you will have both  
Cheryl-Hi Tim, When should I expect a refund for the items below?  Please let me know ASAP. Thank you. 
Lancaster-Monday I will have them write the check from the Tribute Center 

More than two weeks later, Cheryl again writes Tim Lancaster on August 17, 2013— 
Hello Tim,

I'm curious if you ever ordered the Thumbies (as promised below). I haven't heard anything so just checking in. Also, did Rebecca's death certificate get corrected? Again, didn't hear back from you and it's probably something I should have a corrected copy of.

Thank you for keeping me informed.

Cheryl Fox

Two days later—

       2nd request.  Please respond Tim.

       Lancaster-looking into it today

From Cheryl Fox 11 days later, August 31, 2013—

Dear Tim,

It's been more than 11 days since you sent me this email. It's sad to think I'm still dealing with all this. I guess it's no biggie to you...but I feel very hurt and upset again that you just don't seem to care. Even though you refunded some of my money, I should still be somewhat of a priority to you. Your company messed up royally and I trusted you to make it right. Also, I wasn't going to bring this up Tim, but I think you should know... Even the check that was written to me was wrong. It was written out for $600 but the numbers on it said $650. I had to fight with my bank as they tried to take back another $50 when I had it cashed. I'm sure you can look at your cancelled checks and see what I'm talking about. It's just one more thing that was screwed up by your staff....and ultimately you. With everything you've put me through I should have asked for at least half of the money back. I think that would have been fair with all the hardship you've caused my family. This should not have been a time for me to have to worry if things got done properly. That's what I paid you for! *PLUS, per your website at http://klamathtributecenter.net/ and you advertising, it claims a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Well, I am certainly NOT Satisfied!!

Months since my daughter's death and I still have no valid death certificate...nor do I have the Thumbies you promised. On top of that the memories of laying Rebecca to rest will be forever in my mind due to your lack of professionalism (as noted in our email conversation below). It's unbelievable how little consideration I have been given in this situation. I would appreciate a response from you right away.


Cheryl Fox

A week later, September 17, 2013—

Dear Mr. Lancaster,

This will be my final attempt to contact you before seeking legal advise. I have requested your response on multiple occasions, but you have chosen to ignore me. While I know things can get busy, there is no excuse for the lack of attention to my concerns. I would suggest that you review our correspondence below and then let me know how you would like to proceed. 

Thank you, 

Cheryl D. Fox

Yet one more week later, September 14, 2013, Cheryl Fox writes directly to Klamath Tribute Center's owner, Bob Gordon—
    Dear Mr. Gordon,

It is with deep regret that I am emailing you today. I have tried for several months to work with Tim Lancaster at Eternal Hills to have my concerns taken seriously, but it has not been successful. At this time I feel I need to share with you the experience I have had.

My daughter, Rebecca Fox, passed away on April 9th of this year - Tim and the staff were in charge of the arrangements. Throughout the process of laying my 20 year old daughter to rest, numerous mistakes and oversights have been made. I have included several of these issues in the email below...which I invite you to read. While Tim did compensate for some of the issues (as noted below), I feel that he has "blown me off" every time I try to inquire about something. He has consistently told me he would "look into things" and then I don't hear from him until I 'push' again. While I understand that things can get terribly busy in your business, It feel that my issues should have been addressed and remedied by now.

The bottom line is, I paid for a service that was provided very poorly. After more than 5 months, I still have no valid death certificate (after numerous requests) - which has caused me issues with tax returns, DMV transfers, insurance, etc.
I have been told that Thumbies would finally be ordered..which has not happened.. Not to mention the multiple oversights listed below, which have caused me and my family heartache about the entire process in general. This should have been a time for us to grieve our loss and say goodbye to my young daughter, Becka. Instead have had to deal with inaccuracies and blatent disregard for my concerns. It is sad to think that I have had to wait so long to begin my healing process because I'm still trying to "FIX" issues that should have been provided properly.

Again, I invite you to review all of the correspondence below. I am very sorry that I have had to resort to contacting you. However, you can clearly see that I have done my best to work with Tim with no resolution.

I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cheryl D. Fox

Six days later, September 20, 2013, after hearing nothing from owner Bob Gordon—

Dear Mr. Gordon,
I was really looking forward to getting a response from you.  I understand things can get busy, but you did clearly state you would respond by Wednesday the 18th - yet I still have not heard from you. Please let me know how you would like to proceed.
Cheryl Fox
September 21, 2013, owner Bob Gordon responds—
Mrs. Fox sorry for my misunderstanding I understood you were not returning until yesterday (Friday) and I didn't want my response to get lost.

I've reviewed with Tim your daughter file along with the refunds he granted, also I've talk with the manufacturer of the Thumbie and have been assured that your daughter Thumbie will be here next Friday.

I hope this will resolve all the outstanding issues! Bob

That same day, from Cheryl Fox to Tim Lancaster—

I still need a valid death certificate and I will also expect there are two Thumbies. 

Owner Bob Gordon responds-Tim get Mrs. Fox and me an answer on the corrected DC Monday! Bob

 And that's where we are today. Klamath Tribute Center, we'd love to update this post to show you've taken your duty seriously and did your best to put this right.   

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Comments (31)
1 Wednesday, 02 October 2013 15:49
Ruth Bennett
Why hasn't she filed a complaint with the state authorities and the Better Business Bureau? She is much more patient than I would be!
2 Wednesday, 02 October 2013 19:22
she should sue their pants off!
3 Wednesday, 02 October 2013 19:25
isn't there a professional board that governs funeral homes? Do they have to be licensed or report to anyone?
4 Wednesday, 02 October 2013 21:00
Jennifer Fox Raul
I am Cheryl's sister, and Rebecca's Aunt. I am the sister who personally visited the Klamath Tribute Center to "correct" things on several occasions. I am utterly appalled by the lack of compassion and even the complete disregard of "acceptable business practice" that the Tribute Center has shown in this situation. I can only hope that this experience is NOT typical, as I hope and pray that no other families are dealing with the same heartbreak and disappointment.
I did personally go to the office to deliver pictures to include in the slide show (as the staff had reported that they had not received them all after SEVERAL emails). I also, at that time, gave the staff the song requests to play during the slideshow. I asked at that time what the web address for online streaming of the service would be, so I could let family/friends know. I was told that they had a "broken camera" so they wouldn't be streaming it. It would be available on the website at some point.
2 DAYS LATER... The webcast was finally available! Thankfully, my niece Nicki, Rebecca's sister, decided we should watch it prior to sending it out. Initially, there was a partial service before, as I recall. I called the Tribute Center immediately and was able to leave a message. They corrected that, and 2 days LATER, we watched again...and there was someone else's service after! I called and AGAIN left a message. This was never remedied.
I have to say, i am typically a VERY optimistic and understanding person, BUT the whole experience with the Klamath Tribute Center in this situation leaves a TERRIBLE taste In my mouth...and HORRIBLE heartache for my sister and my niece, especially, as they continue to deal with this heartless company!
5 Wednesday, 02 October 2013 21:51
Kristen hiatt
I am so sorry that Cheryl and her family have had to go through this on top of all the grieving. It is just so terrible, hopefully it will be made right so they can get closure on this part of it.
6 Thursday, 03 October 2013 07:21
Jo Vaughn
There are times in our lives that we reach out for professional help. Sadly the staff of this funeral home has not acted professionally. And sadder yet is that there is no way they can go back and turn this around. These are the memories that Cheryl & Nicki are left with....a business that was disrespectful to Becka and to them. Klamath Tribute Center correct the correctable and clean up your act.
7 Thursday, 03 October 2013 09:14
While I understand people can make mistakes, in this situation there seems to be an obscene amount of them. It gives the impression that the people at Klamath Tribute Center are either idiots or don't give a damn about their customers. I realize you can't plan for "technical difficulties" but there are so many other issues that it just is maddening. Not to mention, there is no excuse for such an egregious error as the wrong date on a death certificate-it's a legal document and damn well better be correct.
I also find it interesting that the obit is "then corrected once the family correct the mistakes in the communication process." If it is a direct quote from the email as indicated (and taken in conjunction with the other emails), it shows Lancaster as someone with very poor command of the English language and he shouldn't be writing obits or anything else.
I feel for Cheryl and hope she gets the resolution she needs. I'm sure she's not bringing this to attention to get refunds as Lancaster's email indicate.
8 Thursday, 03 October 2013 09:31
Krista Simpson
Shame on you, Klamath Tribute Center. This is important business that people come to you with, at one of the hardest times of their lives. Please, learn to act with humility and attention to detail. I am disgusted by the recount of events above.
9 Thursday, 03 October 2013 11:27
Annette welch pierce
This is just unbelievable ! How could a place that is suppose to be compassionate in a persons time of grief be so unreliable and uncaring ! I know where I won't be going if I ever need this type of service... Be strong Cheryl God will see you through. And as for Eternal hills and the tribute center ... Shame on you!
10 Thursday, 03 October 2013 11:30
Annette welch pierce
This is just unbelievable ! How could a place that is suppose to be compassionate in a persons time of grief be so unreliable and uncaring ! I know where I won't be going if I ever need this type of service... Be strong Cheryl God will see you through. And as for Eternal hills and the tribute center ... Shame on you!
11 Thursday, 03 October 2013 11:52
Donna Shelley
I know Tim Lancaster as a good, kind, Christian man with a beautiful family of his own. I am tremendously saddened that he would allow this to happen to Cheryl and her family. They went through a tremendous trauma in their lives. Cheryl chose Eternal Hills/Klamath Tribute Center to help her through this difficult time. In reading through these emails, it is clear that some procedures need to be put into place to prevent the numberous errors from occuring and to remedy those that do occur on a prompt basis. Any thing that has not been remedied for Cheryl should be done so with top priority. Consideration should be given to refunding all of Cheryl's money as it is clear she was not satisfied with your service and with good reason. At the very least, I would hope that you would take responsibility for the errors made by your organization and offer Cheryl an apology. Tim, I know you are a good man. I hope you will spend some time in prayer over this matter and then do the right thing. Mr. Gordon, as the owner of this business, my opinion is that you need to step up. Cheryl and Nikki, I love you both very much and hope this situation gets remedied soon. I pray that you don't have to resort to legal action.
12 Thursday, 03 October 2013 13:08
Carol Jones
Klamath Tribute Center, your manner of conducting business is Inexcusable! At the very, very least a prompt response to an email would show some concern, some compassion. Its obvious that the Klamath Tribute Center have some internal communication problems that can and should be corrected. The pain you, Klamath Tribute Center, have inflicted on the family and friends of Becka Fox is irreversible.
13 Thursday, 03 October 2013 14:07
Shelley Dillon
Deplorable ! Shame on you.
14 Thursday, 03 October 2013 14:27
Dominga Spinks
Hall of Shame fits exactly! The pain of Becka's family, still, after 6 months of unresolved issues, should find Klamath Tribune Center with its doors permanently closed with no licensing ability allowed in any state ever! To be sure, that will not make it right for Becka's family, but knowing others could be saved from such total lack of concern and compassion might help just a little How I wish Kirk Funeral Home in Rapid City, S D could have been available for Becka's family.....AND i ASSUMED ALL funeral homes were caring, compassionate, and respectful! What a revelation. I am so sorry!
15 Sunday, 06 October 2013 05:41
Albert a pierce
I'm Sure TIM Would have Felt The Same Way If When His Wife Was Killed In A Traffic Accident. If Her Funeral Service's Were Messed Up! I Am So Sorry Cheryl, And Nicki, And Family. It Does Sound Like They Have Addressed Some Of The Problems.But The fact Is You Should Have Never Had To Go Through This. My Brother Took Care Of All Of My Mothers Service Arrangement's I Hope He Did Not Have To Go Through The Same Things.
Again I'm So Sorry To Hear You Had All This To Go Through After The Heart Ache You Had Already Been Going Through
Albert pierce
16 Sunday, 06 October 2013 15:02
Susan Gehrke
My heart hurts after reading about your daughter's death and the shoddy treatment your family received from Klamath Tribute Center. One saying that I have found to be true in life is "what comes around, goes around". So Tim Lancaster and Bob Gordon, you need to really think about the pain you have caused this family and do whatever it takes to make it right because this could be the turning point in your business and life that you may someday look back on and regret. No amount of money will ever be worth causing another person this much anguish. My good advice to you both is MAKE IT RIGHT! NOW! Don't risk the higher power's involvement to make it right, because you will pay in your own tears. To this family I again want to tell you how sorry I am that you were subjected to this misery.
17 Tuesday, 08 October 2013 11:59
Chuck Lynn
I am so sorry for you and your family, we had a similar experience with the video, it did not work and we also had family anxious to watch, only to discover had they sent the video without sound except for the music. We were appalled the video was not previewed before sending to our relatives. They did finally retrieve the video only, not the service, as it was lost, so video was finally sent out after multiple conversations. My mother passed away in Jan of 2013 as of two weeks ago the 2013 date was still not on her grave marker after we have been told at least four times it was on order, would be there the next week etc. only to discover, upon request for Tim to look at the site, that they no longer can order this marker thus must be special ordered. So, one can conclude we had misinformation from staff and Tim for months before a direct confrontation with Tim. We also had other issues, but like you, we feel it is extremely disrespectful at the time of loss to forget, misrepresent and not be professional and truthful to the families who pay for your services. So, again so sorry for all your heartache with the funeral home and for your loss. We thought this was not their regular business practice, but after reading your challenges, we feel the same about never doing business with Eternal Hills in the future.
18 Wednesday, 09 October 2013 14:02
Cheryl Fox
I am very touched by all the support I've gotten here..and Josh is amazing for posting this blog on my and my daughter's behalf. I want to say that not 24 hours after the blog went live I received an email from Tim saying that they had gotten the affidavit to correct the death certificate and that they were "going to make it right" by refunding the money I had paid. I requested that he let me know what day would work best since I only have Tuesday and Wednesday off and yet have heard nothing back. I guess I should have expected that with their track record, but I was hopeful that I could finally put this behind me. I truly believe that Tim thought if he told me what I wanted to hear that I would back off..which I will not do. These people are heartless and it is my intent to make sure they can't hurt other families by their lack of professionalism. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but the company already has an "F Rating" so it is doubtful that this will do much good. I'm not sure exactly what my next step will be but I do know that they have "messed with the wrong momma now". Thank you again for your support.
19 Wednesday, 09 October 2013 23:17
An attorney
Contact an attorney who does civil lawsuits and ask if under your state's tort laws you can sue the company, the funeral home, the owner, the director and each member of the staff for either intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress. It won't let you put the memories aside but it might benefit others who come after you. A good attorney will charge you about 30% of the settlement and cover all costs for you upfront. If it is a small town, you might have to look in other towns to find an attorney willing to tackle them. Best of luck and may your daughter rest in peace.
20 Saturday, 12 October 2013 16:17
Get an attorney and SUE them!!!! As stated in the comment above.
21 Friday, 18 October 2013 17:15
Bob Jenkins
I don't think an experienced civil litigation attorney will take this case hoping to win his 30% of the settlement; more likely he or she will charge a flat fee plus hours and expenses. I doubt the strategy of "going after" each member of the staff will get you far (sue the gardener? really...) I would urge Mrs. Fox to contact the Oregon State Mortuary and Cemetery Board to resolve these problems, state boards usually have an agent to investigate these type of complaints.

I am not familiar with Oregon's death certificate registration process, but it may take as long as six months to receive amended death certificates. Most states require the death certificate be filed within a certain number of days after the date of death (usually between 7-10). The amended death certificate may still show the incorrect spelling in the original section, with the amended portion attached to the bottom of the certificate. Again, I would recommend instead of hiring an attorney that Mrs. Fox contact the Oregon Vital Records office.

If a lawyer is to be consulted, be sure that first meeting is free.
22 Wednesday, 23 October 2013 06:02
Amanda Passmore
Shame on Klamuth Tribute Center! I will share this story with others and recommend they contact them to complain. Hopefully that will help. Good luck.
23 Wednesday, 20 November 2013 10:39
jean hogan
It was sheer chance that I read about this and suggest it might be helpful to post it on facebook, change.org, or a similar site.
This entire funeral home organization needs to suffer some public shame and pay retribution for what they've done.
My condolences to Rebecca's family.
24 Thursday, 30 January 2014 01:25
As a licensed Funeral Director, I would direct you to contact the Board of Funeral Directors in your state (GA, I believe). We are regulated by a State licensing Board who take complaints and sanctions very seriously....just like most other professional licensing Boards. I attached a link to GA complaint form to assist. May you be given the gift of peace through the hands of God and the comfort of your daughters Spirit surrounding you.

25 Sunday, 13 April 2014 10:11
Bobbie Dannenbrink
I am so sorry to hear of your horrific experience. I am also dealing with Eternal Hills/Klamath Tribute Center. My Aunt passed last October 2013 and had a pre paid plot next to her husband at Eternal Hills. The treatment I have received is not unlike yours. I have contacted the Oregon Board of mortuary and cemetery and they have started an investigation. I have been waiting for proof that my Aunts remains have been interred and her plaque placed on the grave stone. I also live out of town. It has been five months and I have received no words of comfort or confirmation! I am considering my next steps. God bless you and your family!
26 Saturday, 24 May 2014 18:15
Wards funeral home and davenports chapel are the 2 best funeral homes in the Klamath basin. I would highly recommend these places instead of eternal hills or the tribute center. Davenport a chapel used to be in the same building before they moved to Klamath memorial park. I have heard people still going to the tribute center, thinking its davenports and staff at the tribute center not being truthful with clients telling people they're associated with davenports. Not good! I recommend
27 Wednesday, 18 June 2014 13:14
I am so sorry to hear of your horrible ordeal. I to have been dealing with Eternal Hills/Klamath Tribute Center, Tim Lancaster and his staff. My mother passed at the end of September 2013. From the very beginning they tried to confuse my family and made mistake after mistake on my mother's arrangements. The worst part being that my mother still has no memorial marker on her grave even though one was paid for and ordered in person more than once.

I cannot believe how these people can continue to take advantage of people during their time of grief. It's disgusting! I pray to God that my this will be taken care of soon not only for my mom, but for the other families enduring the same situaltions.
28 Monday, 28 July 2014 04:29
Eternal Hills behaves horribly! I watched their secretary berate an elderly lady in their lobby, when very clearly the cemetery was in the wrong. I've noticed she recently left her job. So many of their employees quit, leave, due to lack of being paid. High turnover because of their lack of professionalism and poor ethics.

Eternal Hills is incapable of accepting responsibility for mistake after mistake after mistake. E.H. has a severe lack of follow through. They also have a "JOB OPPORTUNITY" billboard, and most of the Klamath Basin is aware they NEVER pay their employees on time; grave markers with incorrect dates that are months overdue in correcting. Mistakes made at a friend's funeral a year ago, mistakes on grave markers from 3/4ths of a year ago. My family member was disgusted how they handled her grandmother's service. These people are complete idiots!!! IF YOU WANT EXCEPTIONAL, HONEST, FORTHRIGHT TENDER CARE, GO TO BILL DAVENPORT AT KLAMATH MEMORIAL PARK. HE IS LESS EXPENSIVE THAN E.H. Mr. Davenport has absolute integrity. Ward's has also dealt fairly in the past with the Klamath Basin.

WHY does Eternal Hills have to telemarket the local residents with "Pre-plan your funeral", make payments on it" type of phone calls and appointments. Steer clear of these crooks!!!!!!!
29 Wednesday, 03 September 2014 01:42
Cheryl Fox
Thank you to everyone who has posted. I have not visited this site for nearly 6 months and was surprised to see all the stories similar to mine. I did hear from Mr. Lancaster after Funerals.org posted this blog to the Hall of Shame... thanks so much to you Funerals.org... and he informed me that I would not be receiving the "Thumbie" pendants, because they failed to take my daughter's thumbprints before her cremation. First off, I was appalled...horrified to have even put her in their hands..and completely confused as to why and how this could even be possible after he told me time after time that the pendants had been ordered. Secondly, I was so saddened, not only for myself but for my oldest daughter who had wanted the eternal thumbprint of her sister so badly. I cannot now, nor did I then, believe that the lack of action on their part and the lack of empathy could even happen in this day and age. I sometimes even wonder if the ashes I brought home are even my daughters after their constant mistakes.

Well, I have finally, after so many months, been contacted by the Oregon Mortuary Board.. and they want to speak with me. i can't tell you how much sadness and pain this brings up for me. While I know it's going to be difficult to bring up all the issues that happened with Eternal Hills/Klamath Tribute Center, I know that now is the time someone (besides all of you) will finally listen and hopefully hear what goes on in this small town. Perhaps someone can finally do something about them taking advantage of families in grief? I pray that something will be done about Mr. Lancaster and his band of ever-changing staff. I will keep you informed and may even "reach out" if I need supporting documentation. Again, thanks so much for all of your support.
30 Monday, 08 September 2014 19:31
Gail Bluhm
I am having the same experience with a year passing, no marker on my Mom's site(which I find hard to believe is where she wanted to be), weeds covering her site, employees telling me one thing and Tim assuring me an order had been made then telling me she never paid for it in the first place. I am trying to find the original work order as I cant believe my very efficient Mom would NOT have a marker ordered as her hope was her family would come and visit and reflect on her life and love that she gave. My fight has just started and I am hoping for some sort of satisfication, but its not looking too good. I had my lawyer call him last week and Tim sticks to his story. Shame shame shame!!!!
31 Tuesday, 22 September 2015 18:44
Speaking as someone who has worked in the funeral industry (and is married to a Funeral Director), as well as someone who has studied the funeral industry as a whole, not to mention someone who has given my own loved ones over to the care of funeral homes and cemeteries many, many times... this is simply appalling and outrageous! My heart breaks for you and your family... I wish you had been able to have an experience like the Funeral Professionals that I have had the privilege to work with over the years, people who go to great pains to ensure a loved one in their care is treated as though they were their own. People who routinely go above and beyond even the accepted standards of care because that is just the kind of people they are. I am truly sorry for the pain and sorrow these people have inflicted on you. I hope that by now (a year later than the last post on this blog) these people have been stripped of their licenses and shut down for good!
While nothing can ever repair the damage these awful excuses for funeral staff have done, I would offer the following suggestion: Do you have any past fingerprints from your daughter's life? Or perhaps a school she attended or another organization might? If so, you may still be able to have Thumbies created! Meadow Hill is the company that created and sells Thumbies (https://www.meadowhillco.com/), and based on the brochure currently on their site, you may be able to create a keepsake from a past print. They describe it as:
Prints from sources such as
birth records, military (DD-
214) or police records, school
projects, firearm registrations,
employment cards, etc
(taken from: https://www.meadowhillco.com/assets/pricesheets/retail/retailprices_USD.pdf)

I hope this is of help to you, and that you have finally been able to get some closure on this horrible chapter of your lives. I wish you peace and God's blessings.

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