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Preneed in Missouri - Who's the Boss?

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Death Care Compliance Law
October 31, 2010

That’s the question a member of the Missouri State Board [of Embalmers and Funeral Directors] asked of his staff last Wednesday during a discussion of controversial [preneed] examination procedures. Prior to the NPS fiasco, the answer to that question would have been "the Board is". While SB1 (appropriately) continued to vest preneed supervision in the State Board, the new law also vests concurrent authorities in other state bodies.
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Jessica Mitford Drops a Bomb

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1963 saw the publication of Jessica Mitford‘s book, The American Way of Death. Her charges of corruption and abuse in the funeral industry were not drowned out, as many funeral directors had hoped, by the unanimity of grief surrounding the ceremonies for President Kennedy later in the year. The book was full of social criticism, wit, satire, and exposure of scandal - enough writing skill to make it a bona fide cultural phenomenon. Long after its appearance, the book continued to incite public denouncements of the industry.
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Louisiana funeral home owner guilty of bank fraud

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KSLA News 12
Shreveport, Louisiana
Oct 29, 2010

A Vivian man pleaded guilty on Friday to bank fraud and admitted to defrauding 65 victims of more than $400,000 in prepaid funeral and burial services.  William James McGuire, 63, owner and operator of McGuire Funeral Home in Vivian (Louisiana) was entered in the plea in the U. S. District Court in Shreveport.
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How do I explain death to children?

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Lifetimes: The  beautiful way to explain death to children

While written primarily for Baby-Preschool reading level, this excellent illustrated book has important concepts for adults.
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Buried in a Shoe? Ghana's Custom Coffins Celebrate Lives of the Dead

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AOL News
Oct 26, 2010

Ghana's Custom Coffins

A coffin might be your most lasting purchase -- so shouldn't it make a lasting impression?

Craftsmen in the African nation of Ghana have gained international acclaim for their flashy, custom-built coffins, which are individually designed to resemble an object with special meaning to the person who died.
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