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Choosing a Coffin - Article by The Good Funeral Guide (UK)

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Good Funeral Guide (UK)

Choosing a coffin for someone is probably not a matter you have ever given much thought to, if any. When it actually comes to it, it can feel surreal.
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Warning to Funeral Homes: CBS "60 Minutes" on the prowl again.

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Memorial Business Journal
October 21, 2010

The Axiom of Obvious

Over the past several weeks, it seemed as if 60 Minutes was gearing up to take another sweeps month swing at funeral service. A number of folks have reportedly been called by 60 Minutes researchers and asked various questions, but so far nothing has been scheduled. Several calls to CBS News did not produce a confirmation or a denial that such a profile was in the works. That just leaves one to speculate. After all, November is a huge TV ratings sweeps month.
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Sacred Crossings: reclaiming the lost art and healing ritual of a Home Funeral (VIDEO)

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Empowering families to create personal and deeply meaningful funerals for their loved one, at home.

Emotionally powerful video.  Captures the essence of a Home Funeral.

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Preneed Contract Forms: Worth The Paper They're Written On?

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Death Care Compliance Law
October 20, 2010

With the exception of a few states, each form of preneed funding has its own statutory requirements. Consequently, different contract forms are required for each method of preneed funding. So, what does this mean for the consumer worried about the safety of funds paid to the funeral home or cemetery.
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Greening the Afterlife

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10/20/2010— Radio journalist Angela Evancie has put together a fantastic series profiling people in Vermont and New York who are returning to simple, private funerals and burials; folks opting out of the commercial funeral industry for personal, financial, and environmental reasons. Her series profiles families who've  carried out in-home funerals without the undertaker (a practice our great-grandparents would find familiar),  local woodworkers who make simple coffins, and people returning to the tradition of burying their dead quietly at home on the family farm. Her website,, introduces the series:
There was a time in this country when natural home births were standard practice. Then came the rise of institutional medicine, and even though being pregnant is not always the same as being sick, hospitals became the site for all things reproductive. Today, less than 1% of all births in the U.S. take place in the home.Interestingly, the same fate that befell those entering this life also affected those leaving it. Death care has been equally institutionalized, with strange interlocutors bowing in and out at every step. It’s also been commodified. The average funeral costs about $6,000, according to the Funeral Consumers Alliance, and often takes place at that other home - the funeral home.

Check-out the multi-part series of audio slideshows, some of which have aired on North Country Public Radio.

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