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Save a Buck

Shop for a Plot

Here’s one way to trim burial costs. Instead of buying a plot directly from a cemetery, consider the resale market, where brokers buy and sell unused plots or bring together sellers and buyers who then make their own deals.
Read the full article in the AARP Bulletin (September 1, 2010)
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Funeral home industry not recession proof

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October 24, 2010
The Shreveport Times

Death is certain, but that doesn't mean the funeral home industry is recession proof.
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When Prepaid Funeral Plans Are Wealth Killers

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Long Pitched to People of Lesser Means, the Controversial Deals
Are Going Upmarket - and Now May Carry Bigger Risks

It's among the best-intentioned and - in the eyes of some - worst investments that people make: paying in advance for a funeral.

Now, in the wake of recent allegations of fraud and mismanagement in this multibillion-dollar industry, state and federal lawmakers are trying to crack down on abuses in so-called prepaid funeral plans.
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Choosing a Coffin - Article by The Good Funeral Guide (UK)

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Good Funeral Guide (UK)

Choosing a coffin for someone is probably not a matter you have ever given much thought to, if any. When it actually comes to it, it can feel surreal.
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Warning to Funeral Homes: CBS "60 Minutes" on the prowl again.

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Memorial Business Journal
October 21, 2010

The Axiom of Obvious

Over the past several weeks, it seemed as if 60 Minutes was gearing up to take another sweeps month swing at funeral service. A number of folks have reportedly been called by 60 Minutes researchers and asked various questions, but so far nothing has been scheduled. Several calls to CBS News did not produce a confirmation or a denial that such a profile was in the works. That just leaves one to speculate. After all, November is a huge TV ratings sweeps month.
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