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In defense of liquid cremation

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Sarah Zhang enlightens folks to the mysteries surrounding alkaline hydrolysis aka liquid cremation or green cremation , on Gizmodo.


“The biggest misunderstanding is that they think the whole body goes down the drain,” Regnier says. Even with that misunderstanding out of the way, though, it’s easy to see why people might be squeamish about being “poured down the pipe.” But that might just show our ignorance about how dead bodies are usually treated. Blood and body liquids are poured down the drain when coroners do embalming — and burned particles pouring out through the smokestacks in cremation.


At the Mayo Clinic, which has used alkaline hydrolysis as a method of disposition after body donation for years, 100% of the families who have been offered green cremation as an option of disposition have accepted. It's a pity it continues to be a struggle to make it available to everyone. It is currently legal in only 8 states and a bill that would make it legal in Ohio is under consideration. Alternative Cremation Method Back In State Legislature

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Lawmakers in Ohio are considering a bill to make alkaline hydrolosis legal in the state. Read up at WOSU Public Media.

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The Dallas Morning News: Massive Ponzi Scheme Hit Texas Hard

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"Consumers need to ask these questions: How viable is the funeral home? Is it going to be in existence? How viable is the institution where the money is being invested or placed? There's too many hidden issues."

- Funeral industry consultant, David Nixon on the National Prearranged Services scandal that cost funeral homes hundreds of millions of dollars in consumers' prepaid funeral money. 


FCA News, March 2015

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First, a few words from our sponsor:


Hello, my name is the Grim Reaper. You may recognize me from my various appearances over the decades, most recently at your local funeral home. Studies show that 10 out of 10 Americans will be affected by Cessation of Life Syndrome, or CLS, at some point in their lives (usually at the end). Yet most families won’t talk about it.  


You or a loved one may be at risk for complications from CLS if:

  • You think it’s “morbid” to plan ahead
  • You make nervous jokes about “putting me in box and throwing me out on the curb” and end the conversation without making actual plans
  • You find yourself talking about CLS in the subjunctive mood: “Just in case anything should ever happen to me.”

As a founding member of Funeral Consumers Alliance, I know how helpful the organization can be. That’s why I worked with them to develop Before I Go: You Should Know. This funeral planning kit has space to record all your important information so that those you love will know what to do when CLS becomes a reality for your family.


  • There is no need to ask your undertaker; funeral planning is right for you.
  • Kit may be filled out on an empty stomach or after eating.
  • Potency drops when kit is left in a file drawer. For maximum efficacy kit must be shared and talked about with friends and family today.
  • Side effects may include organization, relief of worry, and a sense of smug superiority when thinking about that one cousin who never plans anything and makes every life event a catastrophe. Also she never returned that casserole dish.

Don’t delay, order today. Because I’M GOING TO GET YOU ALL MWAHAHAHA planning ahead is a gift of love.

Bonus tips—Having a hard time starting that conversation? There are complementary therapies that can help make Before I Go more effective.

Save the Date!

Our biennial conference will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, in June, 2016. We’ll have a firm date shortly, so be sure to check back at 


Should your FCA buy liability insurance? Probably not.

-Josh Slocum, executive director 

Lots of FCA-affiliated organizations have questions about liability insurance. Do we need it? What if we get sued? Shouldn't every nonprofit have insurance?

The short answer to the last one is, “no,” but the reasons aren’t always straightforward. Let’s talk about:

  • What liability and risk actually are and how to assess them
  • The different types of insurance
  • Weighing the cost of insurance against the actual risk
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High court ruling may open up casket options in South Carolina

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-Gere Fulton is past president of the national FCA and a current board member of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of South Carolina. This editorial originally appeared in The State

On Feb. 25 the U.S. Supreme Court held that the N.C. dental board erred in trying to prevent teeth whiteners in spas and malls from competing with dentists. The Board of Dental Examiners, comprised entirely of dentists, had issued cease­ and­ desist orders, and after a series of appeals, the high court voted 6­3 to overturn those actions, as an unreasonable restraint of trade. For people in South Carolina who want to be able to decide for themselves where to buy their caskets, it was a great victory.

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