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Detroit Free Press: Having a funeral at home, not at a funeral home

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"I feel that my mom had a luxurious death"

-Beth Bailey Barbeau, speaking of her mother's death and funeral at home.  


Smell your way through famous deaths in history

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For those with a taste (or smell) for the macabre, a controversial exhibit recreates the last moments of some famous names through sound and odor. 

"Who doesn't want to buy a loaf after catching a whiff of fresh bread?" - Frederik Duerinck of communications and multimedia design faculty at Breda's Avans university of applied sciences.

While this may be a poor analogy to the whiff of death, it is true that smell can evoke very strong emotion, and in this experiment, will be used to help recreate the last moments of John F. Kennedy, Princess Diana, Muammar Gaddafi, and Whitney Houston. The exhibit currently resides in the Museum of the Image, in the Netherlands, and will tour Europe. 

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Not every day in funeral news

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A funeral in California was interrupted when a thief drove off in an idling hearse containing the body of Jonte Lee Reed. Family members managed to chase down the stolen vehicle and force him to pull over. 


Preneed schemes in West Virginia

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A West Virginia funeral home pocketed over $30,000 that was meant to be put into trust under the state's Consumer Credit and Protection Act. This is a reminder of one of the many reasons why we caution people against prepaying for a funeral. Read on at Huntington News. 


NYTimes: Headstone Makers Battle Newark Archdiocese for Business

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The New Jersey Legislature is taking up bills to keep the Roman Catholic church from competing against the private funeral industry, but the church is pushing back.

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