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FCA Newsletter, Spring 2013 FCA Newsletter, Spring 2013

Date added: 05/22/2013
Date modified: 05/22/2013
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Downloads: 12790

In this issue:

  • Putting the fun back in Funeral Consumers Alliance
  • Save the date—national conference in June, 2014, in Minneapolis
  • Putting your FCA in low-power mode
  • Flying (on a plane) with ashes
  • Fundraising 101—it's cheaper and easier than you think

Fall 2005 Newsletter Fall 2005 Newsletter

Date added: 10/01/2005
Date modified: 05/27/2009
Filesize: 183.95 kB
Downloads: 8205
  • Scatter-brained: Cremation Myths and Facts
  • FCA v. SCI Class Action Lawsuit Update
  • Bargaining for member discounts at funeral homes

Fall 2007 Newsletter Fall 2007 Newsletter

Date added: 10/10/2007
Date modified: 05/27/2009
Filesize: 188.46 kB
Downloads: 7770
  • Preview of 2008 national FCA conference in Seatlle
  • Legislative watch
  • Minnesota unfriendly - state enacts unnecessary restrictions on family-directed funerals
  • A few of our favorite funeral directors - recognizing top-notch service and good deeds
  • One ringy-dingy - how to choose phone/voicemail service for your FCA that fits your budget and your staffing
  • Social workers to the rescue - how to bring social worker expertise and dedication to your FCA affiliate

Summer 2007 Newsletter Summer 2007 Newsletter

Date added: 07/01/2007
Date modified: 05/27/2009
Filesize: 268.34 kB
Downloads: 7738
  • Funerals go co-op - Peoples Memorial Association opens largest nonprofit, member-owned funeral business in the nation
  • FCA affiliates (and all small nonprofits) need to complete IRS e-postcard yearly
  • Accountability 101 - basic standards for cooperating funeral homes that serve FCA affiliates and members
  • The Funeral Director's Guide to Consumer-Friendly Price Lists - an FCA manual for funeral homes
  • Defending your last rights - FCA and Muslim advocacy group defend Nevadans' rights to private burials by religious congregations
  • Public viewing without embalming - separating fact from fiction, and how to assert your right to decline embalming
  • Federal Trade Commission issues four advisory opinions affecting funeral consumer rights

Fall 2008 Newsletter Fall 2008 Newsletter

Date added: 01/10/2009
Date modified: 05/27/2009
Filesize: 225.11 kB
Downloads: 7408

The Money Issue: How to Raise it and How to Stretch it

  • Fundraising basics for FCA affiliates
  • Don't let funeral prices scare you to death - 10 tips for saving funeral dollars
  • FCA national board adopts policy on accepting paid advertising
  • Celebrity undertaker sues FCA for libel and defamation - well-known funeral director Thomas Lynch takes FCA to federal court (and we fight back)
  • Sustaining Membership - we appeal to you to make a monthly or annual commitment to support Funeral Consumers Alliance
  • Dollars doing double-duty - how to find company matching grants your donors can use to boost their support to your FCA
  • Pinch those pennies - how to run a lean office without skimping on the necessaries

Spring, 2007 Newsletter Spring, 2007 Newsletter

Date added: 04/01/2007
Date modified: 05/27/2009
Filesize: 619.27 kB
Downloads: 7398
  • You make me feel like a natural burial - interview with Mark Harris, author of Grave Matters: A Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial
  • Minding your meeting - how to avoid a boring FCA annual meeting and bring in new attendees
  • Legislative watch
  • FCA and the Institute for Justice convince the state of Missouri to preserve the right to sell retail caskets, care for one's own dead
  • FCA and consumers defeat Montana bill to put low-cost crematories out of business, strip citizens of the right to care for their own dead
  • Review of Lasting Images, a DVD on alternative and creative funerals

Spring 2006 Newsletter Spring 2006 Newsletter

Date added: 04/04/2006
Date modified: 05/27/2009
Filesize: 345.14 kB
Downloads: 7201
  • The Watchdog Sleeps: Federal Trade Commission goes easy on industry
  • Congressional bill to rein body brokers
  • Legislative watch
  • Regulatory Capture: when state boards put profits ahead of consumer protection
  • Tightwad tips: saving money for your FCA
  • How to get a seat on state funeral regulatory boards
  • A funny thing happened on the way to the morgue: interview with Mary Roach, author of Stiff: the Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

Summer 2008 Newsletter Summer 2008 Newsletter

Date added: 07/25/2008
Date modified: 05/27/2009
Filesize: 621 kB
Downloads: 7184
  • Recap of 2008 FCA national biennial conference - highest attendance ever
  • Welcome to the newest member of the federation, FCA of the Piedmont (North Carolina)
  • Time's up - quirky hour-glass urns
  • Legislative watch
  • Report from the leading edge - FCA of Maryland attends workshop on family-directed, mortuary-free funerals
  • How to build a better board - a manual for recruiting and retaining energetic volunteers with new ideas and commitment
  • FCA announces Web 2.0 - an introduction to our new website and how to use it
  • 5 Hospice Myths - Vanity Fair writer and blogger Judy Bachrach dispenses salty, funny, and useful advice on hospice care
  • Billion-dollar preneed meltdown - National Prearranged Services goes belly-up; taken over by court receiver, leaving prepaid funeral consumers with questions

Summer 2006 Newsletter Summer 2006 Newsletter

Date added: 07/01/2006
Date modified: 05/27/2009
Filesize: 200.96 kB
Downloads: 7066
  • Recap of FCA national Biennial Conference
  • Newly elected FCA Board of Directors
  • Legislative watch
  • Preneed fraud
  • The Undertaker's Burden - humorous industry self-promotion

Fall 2006 Newsletter Fall 2006 Newsletter

Date added: 07/19/2006
Date modified: 05/27/2009
Filesize: 351.77 kB
Downloads: 6581

The Consumer Self-Help Issue

  • When best-laid plans go astray - helping consumers make last-minute funeral decisions
  • Funeral shopping 101 - tips and stories from volunteer FCA educators
  • Four-step funeral planning - where to start when you don't know where to start
  • How to read (and use) a funeral home price list
  • Funeral myths and facts
  • Who has the legal right to decide on your funeral arrangements
  • Death in one state, burial in another - do it without breaking the bank
  • Backup and succession planning for FCA groups - who can get a hold of the important files if your group leader dies?

Spring 2009 Newsletter Spring 2009 Newsletter

Date added: 09/21/2009
Date modified: 09/21/2009
Filesize: 341.36 kB
Downloads: 6316
  • Staying Relevant - tips for keeping your Funeral Consumers Alliance vibrant and up to date with contemporary consumers interests
  • FTC Funeral Rule enforcement "sweeps" find more than 25 percent of mortuaries with major consumer protection rule violations
  • They're our Members, not our Customers - how to stop hand-holding members and help them empower themselves
  • Deathstyles of the Everyday and Middle Class - an editorial on how families can plan a meaningful funeral even in economic hard times
  • Spread the Work Around: Building an Active Board

Grim Reader, Spring 2013 Grim Reader, Spring 2013

Date added: 05/22/2013
Date modified: 05/22/2013
Filesize: 172.58 kB
Downloads: 6016

In this issue:

  • Funeral insurance—a bad financial idea
  • Cremation and compromise
  • Cata-Coffins
  • Five tips for affordable funerals

Summer/Fall 2009 Newsletter Summer/Fall 2009 Newsletter

Date added: 04/13/2010
Date modified: 04/13/2010
Filesize: 258.09 kB
Downloads: 5888
  • FCA testifies to Congress to ask for expansion of consumer protection rules to cover  cemeteries nationwide
  • Who's eligible to serve on a Funeral Consumers Alliance board? - preventing conflicts of interest
  • FCA National Board member appointed to New York State funeral regulatory board
  • FCA of North Texas helps rewrite state regulations to better protect preneed funeral consumers
  • Membership cards - Love 'em or Leave 'em?
  • Federal court dismisses undertaker Thomas Lynch's libel suit against FCA

The Grim Reader, December 2012 The Grim Reader, December 2012

Date added: 12/03/2012
Date modified: 12/03/2012
Filesize: 112.65 kB
Downloads: 5787

Inaugural Issue!

  • 5 Ways to Fail at Funerals
  • 4-Step Funeral Planning
  • Safety Coffins
  • Funeral Planning on the Fly

Summer 2010 Newsletter Summer 2010 Newsletter

Date added: 11/19/2010
Date modified: 11/19/2010
Filesize: 457 kB
Downloads: 5638
  • Round-up of the 2010 Biennial Conference featuring author Robert Fulghum
  • Introducing new FCA board members Tracy Fritz, Joyce Mitchell, Rodger Ericson and Don Mertic
  • Consumer-Industry Cooperation Part I - how FCA and the Vermont Funeral Directors Association are working together
  • Consumer-Industry Cooperation Part II - how the FCA of Nevada convinced local funeral homes to clarify their consumer price lists
  • Popping "The Other Question" - talking to your parents about funeral arrangements
  • Virginia lawmakers require funeral homes to offer refrigeration, not just embalming
  • California Funeral Directors Association Master Trust accused of misusing $70 million in consumers' prepaid funeral money for lobbying, trade show junkets

Fall 2010 Newsletter Fall 2010 Newsletter

Date added: 07/01/2011
Date modified: 07/01/2011
Filesize: 216.62 kB
Downloads: 5171
  • National Home Funeral Alliance is born
  • Balancing the FCA Budget
  • A Consumer's Guide to Cemetery Purchases
  • Veterans' Burial Scams
  • Benefits of Achieving 501(c)(3) Status
  • Tales from the Funeral Trade Press
    . . .and more!

Spring 2011 Newsletter Spring 2011 Newsletter

Date added: 01/11/2012
Date modified: 01/11/2012
Filesize: 322.94 kB
Downloads: 4575
  • FCA Executive Director has heart attack at 36; learns to practice what he preaches in funeral planning
  • Micromanaging your final send-off—not helpful to your family
  • Veterans' cemeteries allow private family funerals, no funeral director required
  • President's column—education and advocacy together with discounts
  • A fancy funeral is not an entitlement: helping consumers who can't pay for a burial

. . . and more

Fall 2011 Newsletter Fall 2011 Newsletter

Date added: 10/31/2012
Date modified: 10/31/2012
Filesize: 283.55 kB
Downloads: 4296
  • Convention 2012 preview
  • 2012 Budget
  • Fundraising—asking for money won't kill you
  • Is your Funeral Consumers Alliance a hoarder? Nonprofit treasuries are not retirement accounts, but money meant to be spent
  • Massachusetts town obstructs family trying to bury teen son at home
  • Telephone Tips—answering member queries with confidence 

Summer 2012 Newsletter Summer 2012 Newsletter

Date added: 10/31/2012
Date modified: 10/31/2012
Filesize: 553.37 kB
Downloads: 4051
  • Post-conference report
  • Changing of the guard—term limit your board and bring on new blood
  • State-specific brochures on funeral consumer rights
  • No more discounts—more FCAs find prices on the open market are just as good
  • Citizen activism—Oregon volunteers keep regulatory board balanced, not dominated by industry
  • Helping consumers and members help themselves
  • The end of cyber-life

Grim Reader, Spring 2014 Grim Reader, Spring 2014

Date added: 09/10/2014
Date modified: 09/10/2014
Filesize: 233.07 kB
Downloads: 4010
  • Prepayment—No, it's not 'all taken care of''
  • Who has the right to make decisions about your funeral, burial, or cremation? 
  • Montana shuts down direct-to-consumer cremation
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